A short animated video grabs the attention of busy people and brings your message to life. Videos are quick and easy to watch, pause or rewind, or fast forward.

In short… short videos work!

More about Phil

After 30 years in IT leadership roles I understand the need to extend the communication of simplified messages to a wide and large audience. I also have the technical and creative skills to help you to make that happen.

Connect with Phil on LinkedIn or send a message to phil@philanimates.co.uk

What’s the process for making explainer videos…

These videos briefly outline the steps we go through to create simple support videos, or longer more complex videos e.g. for strategies.

How much does it cost to make an explainer video…

How much does a video cost to make? Take a look at these short videos to get a better idea….

It depends (sorry!) on complexity; existing documentation; amount of animation; number of changes etc…

1 – 2 min
Support videos can cost from £100 to about £500

1 – 4 min
Strategy videos can cost from £500 to about £5,000

Get in touch to start your explainer video today

Get in touch with Phil for an informal chat about your video. There are no stupid questions and we’ll be able give you an estimated cost for your video within a few minutes.

Send Phil an email to phil@philanimates.co.uk or give him a call on 07795 088297.

Example videos